MGallery & Sofitel Sensory Storytelling Adventure

Luxury hotel brand Sofitel’s PR agency commissioned us to design a piece of communication for their new ‘Sensory Storytelling’ olfactory service.

Sofitel invited scentologist Lizzie Ostrom to create a range of scents for guests at three of their showcase hotels. These fragrances were created in response to the heritage of each hotel’s story and brought to life a moment of its cultural history – from the fashionable beauty products of Regency spa towns to a bouquet inspired by the Victorian art of ‘floriography’ and an aroma inspired by Windsor Great Park.

We designed a bespoke piece of literature that evoked the association of smell without needing the final piece to actually be scented. We achieved this by using evocative imagery, textured papers and a elegant print finish to deliver a brochure that gave guests both a connection with the hotel and the sensory story it told.